Bioethische Funktionslust – Aljoscha

From 14th september until 25th october 2019

The Ukrainian sculptor and painter Aljoscha (born 1974 in Glukhov, Ukraine) has become internationally known for his conceptual installations and sculptures based on ideas of bioism, biofuturism and bioethical abolitionism. He regards his objects as living beings and states: “I create aesthetic prototypes, models for future living beings.” The surreal-looking, filigree crystal art creatures made of acrylic on wire racks have already been shown at the Maidan in Kiev. “B-Meetings” was what the artist called his humorous happenings there. Aljosha’s works are characterized by a high degree of sensitivity as well as a good portion of subversive humor. A soul kinship with Nikolai Gogol, who wrote fantastical fairy tales of lost noses or dead souls, does not seem unlikely.