Willi Siber – orbit spüren

29th April until 23rd June 2022

Willi Siber (*1949) has been one of the most important contemporary artists in southern Germany for many years with his unmistakable and always surprising imaginations and forms.

The art of the sculptor, painter and draughtsman cannot be attributed to any style and repeatedly questions the aesthetic effect of the materials he uses. Whether made of wood, resin or steel Willi Siber’s picture panels, wall, floor and room objects inevitably captivate the viewer. Whether in his filigree lattice objects or moving steel sculptures, or in his expansive wall objects or relief panel paintings, the play with the impression of heaviness and lightness, density and resolution, vitality, vulnerability and disembodiment is always at the forefront of a multi-layered surface treatment. Willi Siber’s art seems distant and close, haptic and immaterial, repugnant and delicate at the same time. She thrives on opposites, on playing with sensual perception and experiencing material, colour and form, surface, depth and space.


Willi Siber