Danger & Delight – Peter Anton and Jens Lorenzen

16th June until 20th July 2023

The exhibition Danger & Delight shows between mania and pop culture, works by Peter Anton and Jens Lorenzen. The theme of social interaction connects the two artists. In the small field of interpersonal, a giving and sweet memories. In the large field of historical and contemporary human events.

Peter Anton‘s delicate compositions of larger-than-life chocolates, donuts, cupcakes and other forbidden, sweet treats recall happy moments of feasting. Of the social event of passing around a box of chocolates, of the furtive putting back of the bitten, tipsy cherry truffle. The hyper-realistic “sculpture within sculpture” chocolatesquares, heartsampler or cardboard boxes show the American artist’s love for even the smallest detail. The icing of the donut shines as if freshly coated, in the case of the bitten chocolate ice cream you can even recognize the ice crystals on the chocolate.

Next to this colorful inviting sugar counter, Jens Lorenzen‘s paintings show and illustrate past and present social events in vibrant colors. Starting from an original work about the Berlin Wall, Lorenzen added other canvases on the right and left, in endless continuation. To date, he has been working in various canvas formats on four “Wall” series, which together form the endless work “Wall”. As with Peter Anton’s works, we are deceived by Lorenzen’s paintings. At first glance the canvases appear as glued “collages on masonry,” but they are entirely painted an spackled in oil on canvas. They show an inexhaustible fund of written and pictorial sources, logos, magazines, advertisements, newspapers or movie posters.

Among other things, Lorenzen deals in his new works with the liberation of Malaysia and Singapore from colonialism, or the FIFA World Cup in Quatar.