exiThibition – MARCK

21th April until 8th June 2023

Marck does not follow the traditional video aesthetic, which is characterized by video installations or beamer projections in darkened rooms. He integrates the moving video image into three-dimensional sculptures and objects. For his works he takes apart monitors and builds them into sculptures. He transforms the two-dimensional surface on which the moving image is played into three-dimensionality, creating a “video sculpture.” In the process, the boundary between the real object and the recording often becomes blurred; they merge fluidly into one another.
Marck’s videos don’t show a story, but the action can be grasped quickly and repeats itself in a loop. A person brings a glass of water to his mouth and spits it into a tube that comes out of the screen and lets real water bubble out. A woman swims in a pool, working against a counter-current (“Gegenstrom”). Like paintings, Marck’s video sculptures allow us to generalize and associate deeper levels: People expelling water become fountain figures and at the same time make us think of the permanent “output” of modern people. The person in the countercurrent pool becomes a parable for the constant work in life, the permanent struggle with resistance or the inner “pig dog”. Marck’s works cast a spell over our visitors. He is represented in the collection of the ZKM in Karlsruhe, among others.