Group Exhibition
From Saturday, 9th March until Thursday 11th April 2024

with Jörg Bach, Stephan Marienfeld, Konrad Winter, Till Augustin, Ulrike Buhl und Veronika Dierauer

In the “Sculptures” exhibition, Galerie von Braunbehrens presents selected groups of works by contemporary sculptors.

Captured and lashed down. The bondage works by Stephan Marienfeld tell of a playful seizure of power, a mastery of inorganic raw material. The illusion becomes perfect when the object begins to soften and yield in an unnatural way. This oscillation between hard and soft can also be seen in Jörg Bach’s curved steel sculptures, albeit on a different level. In the latter, the worked metal seems to enter into a controlled flow, overcoming the static and moving in its own direction. Ulrike Buhl’s biomorphic sculptures finally succeed in leaving the inorganic behind, coming to life and growing like mushrooms. Next to them, as if the sculptures were beginning to writhe, Till Augustin’s steel cables mutate into snakes, conveying the rusty passage of time in the same way as sculptor Konrad Winter’s contemporary witnesses. In vibrant colors, the terminals report on snapshots of the everyday life that surrounds us. Finally, however, the very “quiet”, representational sculptures made of stone by Veronika Dierauer are able to leave the moving and the growing behind them. The unusable, heavy suitcase becomes a memorial to the pandemic in the post-corona present.